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We don’t like to brag, but we sure appreciate it when our customers do! We take pride in our attention to service and our proactive operators whose goal is to help you get your job done quickly and SAFELY. So here are a couple of recent letters we received from our clients.
Thanks for the great service, that your company provided. Doug Adams  is A-1 in knowledge, and reliability, and I enjoyed the chance to meet  Rafael.  He has a great attitude. You are blessed to have two wonderful  employees like these. Look forward to doing business with you in the  future.
Randy Qualls
Qualls Electric Inc.  
and another…

Carl was instrumental in us being able to get the bridge over Lake Texoma
inspected within our scheduled time frame.  I feel that he went above and
beyond what would be expected of the hydra platform operator and wanted to
take the time to let you know that we greatly appreciated his efforts.  

The weather was hot and the clearances were very tight for the platform to
be able to reach across the sidewalk and over the parapet.  Carl had to
spend virtually the entire week in the sun to drive the platform with the
remote, rather than being able to pull it with the truck.  During times that
we asked to be stationary under the bridge, he would clear gravel and debris
from the deck ahead so that the platform could travel without getting stuck
or delayed.  This experience left my company, as well as the other two
companies that were present, with a positive impression of your firm that we
will certainly remember as we continue bridge inspections in the future.
Once again, we greatly appreciate that extra effort that Carl put forth to
assist us with finishing the inspection within our schedule.


Michael D. Dukes, P.E.
Infrastructure Engineers, Inc.